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Automatic Facebook Posting Software and How I Post To Hundreds of Groups

Automatic Facebook Posting Software http://bit.ly/platposter If you are a serious marketer, you will be taking advantage of reaching out to thousands more prospects by using Facebook groups….

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42 thoughts on “Automatic Facebook Posting Software and How I Post To Hundreds of Groups

  1. Serious marketers know they have to spend some to make some. The membership
    is FREE to post to your own pages and groups. Want to post to other groups,
    then you buy a membership. :)

  2. So if I’m posting to groups every ten minutes, that’s a maximum of 144
    posts a day? How’s the “guru” plan ($29 a month) work, since it allows you
    to post 500 times a day, won’t this get you kicked off FB?

  3. This poster will let you post to YOUR personal groups and pages for free.
    If you belong to someone else’s groups then it is a paid membership. But
    you can post to the limit the membership will allow. 1st level is 100
    groups, 2nd 500 which is the one I have. Try it out for free and see first. :)

  4. Alberto, you are not spamming as you are becoming a member of groups that
    actually allow you to post your opportunities or training you may want to
    share. :)

  5. No one said that this service was free Kobra1ster. However, it is free if
    you post to your pages and your groups, not someone elses.

  6. Post Planner doesn’t allow you to post to a group without paying a fee..so
    what good is it? I just tried to post to one group and it says “you have to
    be an expert to post to groups”..thus taking me to a the “expert fee” page.

  7. Was wondering if this can work with more than one facebook account? Also,
    do you or anybody here know how does this compare to Hootsuite? Thanks

  8. When you subscribe for the paid service you create your own handle,
    whatever you want and that is what shows that it is posted by.

  9. Marie… are the groups you are scheduling your posts to go in groups that
    you personally are the admin of, or can we do this to post in groups that
    we joined but are not the admin of? I’m looking for something that will
    allow me to schedule posts to put in all the groups I joined, but I am not
    the admin of. Will this do that or do I have to be the admin of each group
    these posts go into? Hope that makes sense :)

  10. Yay!!! Thank you. One more question if you don’t mind… it doesn’t leave a
    line at the bottom of my post that says Posted By Post Planner does it?

  11. It’s all about getting your product in front of the most eyeballs you can.
    This tool works great for that and saves me tons of time with good results
    in optin.

  12. not sure what you mean by shoe spam jasin350z but I don’t know of another
    that allows posting to groups you join like this one does.

  13. See how You Can Post a Live Hangout in a Facebook News Feed. Try this Free
    app 22s. com/free/7361 Here is the video to see how it is done youtu.
    be/hiAz0zJ_OMg Also a free posting tool is BuzzSpice. com

  14. The app has the ability to schedule your posts. So i make them post about 8
    minutes apart and found that is the secret waiting period. Anything else
    under that gets flagged. Works great.

  15. I belong to over 800 groups on Facebook. I have found that if I autopost to
    no more than 30 groups at a time, and about 10 or 15 minutes apart from
    each post, I’m safe. If I push the envelope and post too much, or too close
    in the time frame, I get put in the dog house.

  16. Hi, Is there not a problem with you getting banned from facebook for 2
    days? I have tried hootesuite and got blocked for 2 days. Thanks in advance

  17. Serious question – Is this the program those shoe spam scammers use? Any
    suggestions on other programs that are free to use?

  18. Hey i noticed that hoot suite doesnt allow you to post in more than a
    hundred groups a day im looking for a service that will allow unlimted
    groups does post planner work like this??

  19. Only one group goes out at a time MrBob39 and so depending on how many
    groups you have how long it will take will depend on that. You can make
    different lisys and it does have an upgraded feature that will allow to
    synchronize your posts.

  20. Question Please….When you Stagger Groups..to This Avoid FB Jail ( lol
    )….Ho many Groups at a time…. go within a Stagger… Meaning…. If i
    have 300 Groups…. Does it set up 15 at a time..50 at a time or 100 at a
    time to go every 10 mins…or how so please…. Thanks in Advance

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